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At Turner Lovell we recruit experienced project management, construction management, engineering, commercial personnel alongside oil & gas specialists. We have proven track record sourcing for engineering, consultancy, civil construction, high voltage, offshore wind and oil & gas development projects. We have done this across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Turner Lovell was founded by a technology expert who wanted to bring the mind-set of precision and efficiency to the recruitment industry. After thorough analysis of the challenges they developed an innovative toolset that enabled them to dramatically increase sourcing success rates while reducing failure and attrition.

What is most unique to Turner Lovell is our qualitative approach. When you work with us, we will partner with you in establishing project parameters and indicators and then develop a custom sourcing strategy to deliver candidates within your exact timelines and specifications.

For candidates, we will identity only the right organisations that match your technical and career ambitions. Throughout the recruitment process we will provide open and honest feedback to maximise your chances of success.

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Our Stats

Percentage of candidates placed from the first batch of CVs.

Percentage of contractors in leadership roles.

Percentage of contract placements that are extended.

Percentage of placements offshore.

Number of countries placed in worldwide.

Number of HSE Incidents in the past six months.

Percentage of placements from referrals.

Our Footprint

Turner Lovell have successfully recruited personnel for organisations and projects across the UK, Europe, USA, Africa and Middle East. Using our global network, we have successfully attracted and introduced both local and international talent to projects in the UK and in places such as France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ghana and South Africa.

Typical projects include HVDC cable and converter installation, offshore wind farm development, HV substation construction, offshore platforms EPC, civil construction and power plant commissioning.


Turner Lovell Insights

Our Industries


Construction & Infrastructure

With significant Government incentives and subsidies hitting UK infrastructure projects the war for civil engineering and construction personnel has intensified more than ever.

To help our clients we identified that it was critical to build a deep network of talent across the industry. To develop this we took a candidate-driven approach and built a unique high-touch service to understand their needs, availability, and gain their trust to secure referrals.


Transmission & Distribution

With the growing demand to improve the electricity grid many of our clients have come to us looking for new ways to meet the rising need for experienced talent. We have worked closely with them to develop untapped candidate pools of grid authorised and qualified contractors.

Critical to this process has been our candidate vetting system which ensures we achieve a high first strike rate and an equally low attrition rate.


“I would highly recommend Turner Lovell to anyone in need of technical or project staff recruitment. The amount of effort and market knowledge they bring to bear in candidate selection ensures as a hiring manager you are presented with the right quality and capabilities that are essential to fulfil the role, it also acts as a filter ensuring you only interview the right candidates rather than using the interview to have to filter out potential.”



Offshore Engineering

The offshore engineering industry is facing new challenges and complexities. The popularity of the industry has created significant talent pools, however, quantity doesn’t equal quality and talent identification is critical.

Using our advanced knowledge of the offshore environment we have developed processes that allow us to pre-screen candidates that have the right competence and aptitude to work safely and effectively. This saves considerable time and reduces risks when building teams in this challenging environment.  .

Oil & Gas

Due to recent downturns in the oil & gas industry, there has been an exodus of top talent to other sectors. Many of our clients are preparing for the rebound and looking for new talent options.

In response to this, we developed targeted networking systems and tools that allow us to track off-market talent across industries. Through this we have built a rich database of high-quality prospects that are off the radar of the competition.


Skills We Recruit

Project Management

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Cable & Grid Management

Structural Engineering

Management Consulting

Well Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Project Engineering

M&E Commissioning

Construction Management

Offshore Installation & Maintenance

Wind Turbine Engineering

Commercial Management

HSE & Quality


Our Services


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We can help you reduce recurring recruitment costs by reliably delivering perfect-fit candidates that have proven experience, are pre-screened and sourced direct from competition.

Hidden Gems

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We can help you develop strategies for targeting and attracting diverse and hard-to-find talent and can also provide consultancy on building INCLUSION into your business or project.


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Our pre-screening methodology is innovative, proven and tested. It reliably delivers high-potential and job-ready candidates. We can offer this as part of a sourcing campaign or a standalone service.

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